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October 1, 2020

HerStory: A Black Woman’s Work is Never Done by Nadine Plummer

In the word's of our featured author, Nadine Plummer:


This #poeticpiece was inspired by the struggles, survival and stories I have heard, read and still see today, of Black women who had immigrated to the UK and/or born in the UK only to be treated as the Other; yet still forced to assimilate and work in harsh conditions to elevate white ivory systems, institutions and beliefs.

This is one of the longest pieces I have written and the first piece I ever put into audio.

It is powerful, relatable and honest. It speaks of a truth that has been plaguing us as a generational cursed but we will and are slowly prevailing. Our strength, honour and dignity will dismantle this unforgiving perception of what we are "good for".


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