Two single mothers navigate the world and all its challenges from parenting, dating and current events; these two talk about it all.


Alicia Cañas of the Raw Tea narrates her poetry about self-awareness and the relationship to the natural world around us.  It is beautiful and raw.

You can find out more about Alicia by visiting our website or heading over to her IG @aliciafcanas


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5 tween girls get together with the moms to talk about their digital life. From Roblox to YouTube, the girls talk about their rules and how they view the internet.   



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In the word's of our featured author, Nadine Plummer:


This #poeticpiece was inspired by the struggles, survival and stories I have heard, read and still see today, of Black women who had immigrated to the UK and/or born in the UK only to be treated as the Other; yet still forced to assimilate and work in harsh conditions to elevate white ivory systems, institutions and beliefs.

This is one of the longest pieces I have written and the first piece I ever put into audio.

It is powerful, relatable and honest. It speaks of a truth that has been plaguing us as a generational cursed but we will and are slowly prevailing. Our strength, honour and dignity will dismantle this unforgiving perception of what we are "good for".


Vist her website at:

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September 22, 2020

Chronic Illness & Motherhood

Adrienne's back!  She and Nicole discuss living with chronic illness and how it affects their relationship with their children.  What they need from their support system and how anyone can be an ally to someone with chronic illness.



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Three mothers talk about unhealthy romantic relationships.  The topic leads them to unexpected revelations about all types of relationships. This episode challenges these ladies all to discover not only what others bring into unhealthy relationships, but also what unhealthy patterns they bring to their own.

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August 25, 2020


Our fabulous mothers discuss the "talk" about puberty. This open and honest discussion is laced with laughable awkward moments the mothers shared with their kids and their own mothers. Are you ready for the talk?

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August 18, 2020

Covid & Education

In this episode, Adrienne and Nicole take the time to interview two educators, Andrea Wilson and Evelyn Tolliver.  We dive into steps for helping our children survive and thrive this school year. We give weary mothers tips on getting the attention of your school system.  And discuss systemic issues that plague the school system with the widening digital divide.

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August 11, 2020

HerStory: “The Edge”

The Edge written and narrated by Nicole Henley is the story of a wife and mother weary of her life. 

This story is presented by Single.Mommy.Fabulous: The Podcast to showcase the art of female writers. 

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July 28, 2020

Disastrous Dating Advice

The moms discuss three dating books that offer the rules of dating with their guests Oscar and Mr. Rivers. The episode offers a peek into what men really think about the advice women get about dating.


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A frank discussion of the current conditions that have made parenting a challenge.  The Podcast follows two mothers, one residing in California and the other in Georgia. 


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