Two single mothers navigate the world and all its challenges from parenting, dating and current events; these two talk about it all.

Name That Episode

January 4, 2021

Pink_Illustrative_Stories_Fiction_Podcast_Cov...We want to hear from you!  What should our next podcast topic be?

No, we haven't run out of topics, but we'd like to know what's on our audience's mind!

Have burning questions related to child-rearing, romantic relationships, finances, career goals, or just want to know more about Nicole or Adrienne?  Want to appear on our show? Then this contest is for you.  Suggest our next episode and WIN!!! 

We are looking for one of our listeners to inspire a future episode.  And winning is as easy as participating.  Head on over to: 



Enter your topic or show idea and your Instagram handle! And that's it! But you can't win without an entry!

The winner of the contest will be announced on January 19th.

The contest winner will be featured in our episode and on our IG account!  And bonus...the contest winner will get a $50 prize payable by Paypal or Amazon Gift Card.

Entry Deadline: January 14, 2021, at 6:00pm PST

The winner will be notified January 18, 2021 via IG messenger. You must have a valid entry to win.  A valid entry contains a suggested episode topic and IG handle. For winner information, please contact





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