Two single mothers navigate the world and all its challenges from parenting, dating and current events; these two talk about it all.


September 16, 2020

Stop, Collaborate and Listen:

We are looking for women who want to share their stories on the HerStory segment of our podcast. You can share a poem you wrote, a short story, read a chapter out of a book you wrote, your own personal journey, etc. You can decide if you want us to read it, or you can read it yourself. If we do it, please tell us what the tone of the piece should be. The time limit is 10 minutes. Please note: Our podcast is audio-only at this time.
We think of these submissions as your work and only ask that you cross-promote the episode with us to expose each other’s working with our individual audiences. All we ask in return is that you use our media to promote with us the night before your episode airs.


Got questions!  Be sure to reach out to us at 

We have the right to refuse any submission that does not align with our brand. Hope to collaborate with you soon!

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